What's Adolly Series ?

Hello everyone ! Welcome to Adolly !

Since Adolly Reborn Baby came out and was welcomed by our customers, we received lots of good reviews.Adolly Reborn got high recognization from all over the world. We appreciate all the support from our Fans.

Adolly put all passion into making reborn babies and hope our dolls can make sweet memories for everyone. However, many of our new fans are still skeptical about the quality of our dolls. In addition, there were some scam sellers in the past few years. Many reborn lovers bought dolls that don't match the picture in their store. They sold low-quality dolls has caused everyone's worries.

We made the introduction to show details and the differences clearly. Wish you can find a doll who can warm your heart after read this page!


Let's meet Adolly Hi reborn dolls !

Adolly Hi reborn babies have rooted hair with large pores. Their eyebrows ,blush and mouths were painted with a spray gun.They have a simple face design including nose and ears. Most of them have False eyelashes and acrylic eyes. Some other reborn babies have glass eyes or are without eyes.

Adolly Hi baby is often made of Simulated Silicone Vinyl. They have 18-24 inches body size and weigh about 2-4 pounds. Simple limbs and cloth body filled with cotton. Using simple processes, most of which are painted by spray guns, only a few details are painted by hand. Suitable for reborn baby beginners or as kid's toys, 95% of the dolls sold by other brands belong to this series.


ADOLLY Gallery

The most popular series is Adolly Gallery Reborn Dolls.

Adolly Gallery reborn dolls have two kinds of hair design, one is Rooted hair , another is hand-painted hair. Rooted hair with very small pores and are more realistic. Their eyebrows, blush, and ears were painted by hand. They have a real hand-painted face design including nose and mouths. Some reborn babies have amazing details, like runny noses and drooling.

As we can see the Gallery reborn doll’s face has blue veins and vessels. Gallery reborn dolls have False eyelashes and Rooted eyes. You can choose sleeping dolls or open eyes dolls as you want!

These babies are often made of Simulated Silicone Vinyl. They have 16-24 inches body size, weigh about 2-5 pounds. Cloth body, filled with cotton or Simulated Silicone Vinyl. Their limbs have details like nails, blue veins, and vessels. Using a Complicated process, all the paintings are done by hand. Paint with Genis pigments, then bake them at a high temperature, the painting process and materials are integrated into one, which makes the doll more vivid and lifelike, just like the skin color of an essential human being, white touched with red naturally.

We are doing our best work to provide more realistic designs for all. This series is our main product.They are welcomed by people with high requirements for dolls. Reborn doll lovers and collectors are more willing to take them home!

ADOLLY Collection

Adolly Collection is Vip  collectors' best choice .

Adolly Collection reborn dolls have 18-24 inches body size, weigh about 5-9 pounds. They are heavy than the other two series babies because of the solid limbs and body filled with Platinum Silicone. (few models with cloth body) The Collection series has all the advantages of the Gallery series, good Genis pigments, painted by hand, more details…

The most important thing is, they are solid silicone, the hand feel is closer to human skin and more real. This series is also our main product.If you are a reborn doll crazy collector and looking for a doll with more details ,please choose them!


Adolly Reborn wishes Sweet Memories to our family members. Join Adolly and we will bring the best quality you want!


We made one video to introduce our three Doll Series, to show details and the differences clearly. Wish you can find a doll who can warm your heart after watching this .