A letter to Adolly Doll-lovers

A letter to Adolly Doll-lovers

A letter to Adolly Doll-lovers


Reborn dolls are priceless treasures and they act in different roles based on different clients’ needs. As kids, reborn is their friend or younger sibling who can play together; As lonely adults especially the old, they’re the family to accompany.As collectors, they must be the most eye-catching collections on the collection shelf.The only aim of Adolly reborn dolls’ appearance is to bring doll-lovers joy, comfort, and companionship.

Every doll-lover will be delighted to own special love and the reborn must be an ideal gift. Adolly has some words to say to you, read this blog to know the detailed content.

    Unique concept

      As a new and rising brand, on the basis of abiding by the concept ‘Create Sweet Memories’, Adolly takes innovation as the core competitiveness, based on customer needs, adopt unique handcraft technology, only to bring customers high-quality dolls and an unforgettable shopping experience

        Caring design

          We have considered all the customers for age 3+ and designed different sizes of dolls from 5inch to 24inch; We have also considered different crowd’s needs and divided reborn into three series: ‘Hi’ series, ‘Gallery’ series and ‘Collection’ series.

            Professional service

              Click the ‘Chat With Us’ button and then will exist professional staff to solve the pre-sales and after-sales problems for you with a good attitude in time. And our warehouse is all over the world. After you make an order, we will arrange for delivery for you from the nearest warehouse to shorten the transportation time as soon as possible.

                Funny raising process

                  Adolly reborn over 16inch(include 16inch) are equipped with a diaper, outfit, toy bottle, magnetic pacifier, and birth certificate you can name your doll, decide its birth to increase joy. Have fun in the process of raising a reborn baby.

                    Healing hug

                      The body of most dolls are filled with cotton or adopt soft silicone, they’re soft to hug with. When hugging with reborn dolls, you will feel warm and make you comfortable and relaxed. This is very healing.

                        Get ready for the coming siblings

                          Does your child have a sibling on the way? Can your child well accept the younger brother/sister? Let kids learn how to get along with others and learn to share when playing with the reborn doll, so as to welcome the arrival of new family member better.

                          Develop multiple skills

                          Whatever dressing the doll, wearing diaper, feeding, combing hair, or bringing dolls out, playing with dolls can help develop kids multiple skills! Not only develop motor skills, but also how to socialize and communicate, the caring and nurturing skills are also practiced.

                            Build bonds

                              The reborn acts as a bond and can connect people who like reborn dolls. Doll-loving groups will share warmth, joy, and comfort with each other. We also create a Facebook group for communicating. In this group, you will see some real and nice photos. If you have any questions about Adolly dolls, you can ask the group number and they will answer you sincerely. We are waiting for you to share your favorite photos.Join Adolly Family Facebook Group

                               The reasons for loving Adolly reborn are not just the eight points we mentioned above, do you have any better ideas?
                              Welcome to tell us and leave comments in the comment area below.   


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