Meet Sunshine Boy Toby

Meet Sunshine Boy Toby

Meet Sunshine Boy Toby

  • Just the one glance, Toby is deeply rooted in your heart and can’t be erased
  • Handsome boy Toby is saying hello to everyone
  • Steal your heart
Having beautiful blonde short hair. Big eyes with purple pupils that are like two little stars, twinkling and lovable. There are also lying silkworms that can’t be ignored, curly eyelashes, small mouth, created such a handsome face and make all doll-lovers can't move their eyes.
  • Dress as gentleman
  • Wear stripe playsuit
  • Polo collar
  • beige knitted sweater
  • white lace-up sneakers
A based cotton striped jumpsuit is printed with a bear pattern which is exquisite, slightly three-dimensional and extremely cute on the left chest. There are two white buttons on the chest for dressing easily. The dark-gray polo collar looks neat and handsome. When the weather is cold, a beige knitted sweater can be worn. The white buttons as a connection go well with the ones on polo shirt. The whole outfit is very in line with Toby's style, gentle and handsome. A pair of white lace-up sneakers that shows vitality matches the sunshine boy.

Warm as a spring breeze

Gentleness and liveliness can always coexist. These two words are also well reflected in Toby. He is gentle, polite, and lively, his big eyes reflect so much beauty. You have to be careful, or you will be easily stolen your heart. Hhhhhha, are you excited? Do you want him to be your baby?

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  • Me encantaría ese bebé es bello

    Aida Negron on

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