Time to Dress Up!

Time to Dress Up!

Time to Dress Up!

Hello everyone, recently we wanted to inject new and interesting ideas into YouTube channel and after our discussions, we have launched two new sections:


Adolly Vogue and Stylish Hair Salon.

Whatever the content, the background music, or other parts, we have all carefully designed. Next, we will take the first video as an example to show the general content of the new section to you. Click the following link to have a look.

Adolly Vogue:

The first participating reborn doll: Barbara

New Outfit: Strawberry Off-the-Shoulder dress + Strawberry Wide-brimmed Bucket Hat

The second participating reborn doll: Rowan

New Outfit: Bear shirt + Suspender pants
These kinds of videos are all shown in the form of changing outfit

Hair salon:

Participating reborn doll: Chole

The first hairstyle: Bun with a red bow

Make hair smoothed and then comb it up, tie hair up in a bun, and decorated it with a red bow. It would be more beautiful to rip off some small pieces of hair on both sides of the forehead.

The second hairstyle: Wear hair down with a grass-green fox-ear headband

Comb hair smoothed and put on a grass-green headband with fox ears. Remember to tidy up the bangs in front.

The third hairstyle: Wear hair down with a white smiley knitted hat.

Comb hair smoothed and put on a white smiley knitted hat. You can use some cute clips to decorate a hat. In this video, we use a yellow-flower clip which looks nice.

Each set of clothes and all accessories will also be put on the link after the video is broadcast. If you like it, you can go to Adolly online store(www.adolly.com) to buy it.

The two new sections all update once a week and don’t affect the broadcast of other programs.   

This is the general introduction of Adolly Vogue and Stylish hair salon, welcome to go to the YouTube channel for more details. If you have good ideas, please tell us in the comments below! Or if you want to see other reborn dolls worn new outfits or made new hairstyles, you also can tell us in the comments below! We will try our best to satisfy your wishes.





  • What does semi finished mean from adolly

    Dorothy Garcia on

  • I heard your dolls look like pictures I hope so iam planning on Friday ordering Brooke

    Dorothy Garcia on

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