Reborn Lancy -Full Silicone Reborn Baby

Reborn Lancy -Full Silicone Reborn Baby

Reborn Lancy -Full Silicone Reborn Baby

Meet Treasure In The Palm:  Reborn Lancy

When we make preparation for the better and warmer weather, our reborn dolls are nice to carry with us and embrace this spring. Of course, Lancy becomes the best choice. He is a full silicone mini-doll, approximately 8-10inch and close to the size of an adult palm, so small but extremely cute. No wonder he’s so special that receiving a warm welcome with royal treatment when he first came to our office. All guys can take a closer look at the charming Lancy in the following video!

Know More About Lancy

Wearing a light-blue polka dot jumpsuit and the cuffs make a double-layer design, the threads are exposed but neat instead of messy which looks very textured. Hats and shoes also adopt light-blue dot elements. The light-blue flip design on the hat and neckline goes well with the overall color.
Possess a cute round head, a pair of big eyes with blue eyeballs that can make people think of the beautiful vast blue ocean. And the thick and raised eyebrows make the eyes look more sparkling. So cute! Hand-painted hair is realistic and easy to manage, don’t worry about knots and hair loss.
Due to the full silicone material, Landy is exceptionally soft and realistic that you can help him a bath to own a sense of participation and increase the fun. Take Lancy home now and find out more advantages about him!


"Sooooo adorable ️ I would love to add him to my Adolly collection."

"Oh my goodness! He is too precious"

"He's absolutely adorable!"

"Aww, Lancy is precious! So tiny and adorable."

"He's so cute and squishy! My kids would love him"

"So cute! I would love to have him! "

"This little boy is amazing! "

"This baby is so lovely and adorable. I would love to have him."




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