Sleep Buddy: Sweet Stella

Sleep Buddy: Sweet Stella

Sleep Buddy: Sweet Stella

The Wonderful Sleep Buddy: Sweet Stella

It’s time to go to bed! Let petite and lovely Stella in your arms accompany you into sweet dreams. Her cuteness guarantees you a good night's sleep and can soothe your soul in this cozy season. Click the following video to see the details of Stella so that you can learn more about her.

Get Closer To Stella

Stella is a realistic sleeping reborn doll in a loose pink flowers outfit set and she especially loves three-dimensional flowers so the hat embeds a white three-dimensional flower, many pink petals, and green leaves are painted on the other parts which make hat eye-catching and beautiful.
The style of the cardigan is simple, mainly in white and there are not many patterns while the connection is accompanied by a pink wavy strap connected with a few white round buttons. The trousers are much more gorgeous, spread with pink flowers all over and Inlaid with two white three-dimensional flowers at the feet, corresponding to the hat which is a flexible and clever design.
Stella is small and lovable in appearance. She often puts her hands on her chest and the bangs outside hat make her look very well-behaved. This lifelike baby doll also comes with a magnetic pacifier to give her sweet sleep possible while snuggling on your shoulders. We believe that your hearts will melt at the sight of her sleeping appearance.
Baby size: 20 inches from head to toe
Weight : 1.2 (2.64lbs)
Eyes: Cannot open or blink
Body: Cloth(fabric) body ,3/4legs
Hair: Rooted fiber hair

A Note From Adolly

The SWEET sleeping Stella also surprises us! Thank you very much for your interest in Adolly reborn. Each doll is a unique existence. We hope all doll-lovers can ‘Make Sweet Memories’ with reborn dolls, and hope they can become a part of your story and a member of the family. There are different feelings and thoughts behind the creation of every Adolly reborn doll, and it’s our pleasure to share them with you all.


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