Come & Meet Our New Princess Elena

Come & Meet Our New Princess Elena

Come & Meet Our New Princess Elena

Our long-awaited moment has finally come! To meet our first African American reborn 2022 Elena, a lively and cute little princess. Being loved by all of us when she was first designed and formed. We believe that you will be deeply caught in Elena and can’t extricate yourselves after you see her. Elena is so special especially when she is quietly asleep and is petite and lovable. If you don’t trust us, please click the following video to verify it!

Get Closer To Elena

Love nature, especially love flowers, Elena’s clothes and accessories are full of flowers elements. Wearing a cotton white sleeveless jumpsuit with unique cutouts in the shape of flowers. A small part of the skin above the chest is exposed with a cutout design of petals, while below the chest, designers add a layer of white cloth to the inside of clothes. This is a thoughtful design that makes Elena look attractive and have enough sense of security. The shoulders liking flower buds are loosely designed, easy to put on and take off but not lose the charm.
The headband also goes well with the jumpsuit. The whole tone is mainly white and a blue three-dimensional flower is added as a decoration. The center of the flower also has some beads as flower seeds, which are cute and realistic, it’s full of details.
Elena owns healthy and beautiful black skin, black and bright thick hair which is curly, small but delicate facial features such as a round face, nice lying silkworm, high nose, and slightly raised mouth. She is so adorable and glamorous! Who can put it down?

Be Your Own Princess

Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. But many times we are busy pleasing others and caring for others, usually, forget to care for ourselves and make ourselves happy. How to bring happiness to others if we are not happy? Adolly hopes everyone can prioritize yourselves, accept all the good sides and bad sides, and get along well with yourselves. Do what you like. Be your own princess or prince just like Elena. Don't waste such a good time!


"Beautiful baby girl! She is so sweet!"

"Such a beautiful I have one with painted hair "

"Another cutie"

"So precious"



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