NEW ! Adolly African American reborn Boy Elijah

NEW ! Adolly African American reborn Boy Elijah

NEW ! Adolly African American reborn Boy Elijah

After having introduced African American reborn girl Elena 2022, we design another adorable reborn boy Elijah. Our designers also take a lot of energy and effort into him. Of course, he worth it. Trust us that you will fall in love with Elijah once you see him. On such a nice day, click the following video to take a look at this beautiful reborn doll!

Know more about Elijah

A cloth body filled with cotton is non-toxic and soft to touch, 20inch size is also suitable to hug with whether for adults or kids. Exquisite hand-painted technology is well displayed on Elijah, the hand-painted hair, hand-painted nails, are all lifelike and natural-looking. Chubby cheeks, tall nose, thick eyelashes, beautiful eyebrow shape, and cute leg folds also couldn’t be missed.
Wearing a blue bodysuit with gray trim goes well with healthy black skin. Have to mention that due to Elijah being our first African American reborn in 2022, our designers take lots of effort to adjust the skin color and finally we get this beautiful and vivid skin. Adolly has done it!

Be gentle but not lack enthusiasm

As printed on clothes ‘little mister’ and bow-knot, Elijah is a sweetie with a gentlemanly demeanor. Who can say no to him ? While the bow-knot is red which shows his enthusiasm whatever doing things or treating others. How lovable and charming is Elijah! Obviously, he is more flattering than the average. Now there is an opportunity to take him home. Don't hesitate!

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