Learn How to Put Together Reborn Baby Dolls

Learn How to Put Together Reborn Baby Dolls

Learn How to Put Together Reborn Baby Dolls



As all know, we usually send you a finished doll when ordering Adolly reborn, but recently we plan to run a new packing mode--ASSEMBLED DOLL to all guys in order to be environmental and reduce pollution.

What’s assembled doll? The assembled doll is that we provide you all the components of dolls but assemble it by yourself. During this process, you will learn more about reborn dolls, enhance your hands-on ability and enjoy the fun of the installation process.

The process is simple and easy to understand. Please follow these steps.

1. Please check all the components to verify if there are any missing parts after receiving the package.
2. Check the front and back of the body. It is the back where has done the tightening design at the butt.
3. Fill the body with cotton as fully as possible because the full body will make the doll look more realistic.
4. Put two fart pads into the butt for increasing weight and making dolls sit more firmly
5. Assemble the doll’s head. Insert head into the upper port and find the suitable position, then push the lock to tighten. Need to notice whether the zipper stays in the groove because it can’t be changed after tightening.
6. Cut off the excess part with scissors and press the lock-in. Cover the lock with a long strip of cloth to keep it beautiful and prevent hands from being hurt
7.Then fix the limbs in the same way. If you find the body is not full, you can fill cotton again before fixing the last hand or foot.
8. Finally, put on the equipped clothes.

We make an operational video of Landon, let's take a look.





Is it easy after watching the video? Do you want to have a try? Welcome to buy your favorite assembled doll! And we make a DISCOUNT that each assembled doll will be OVER $10 cheaper than the finished doll.
Of course, if you still love finished dolls, you can also buy them. We provide two options and choose what you prefer. If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will solve them for you asap.


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