Unboxing Quinn With The Warmth Of Spring

Unboxing Quinn With The Warmth Of Spring

Unboxing Quinn With The Warmth Of Spring

Send off the cold winter, we finally usher in a warm and comfortable spring. Under the warm sunlight and facing the spring breeze, let's enjoy the lovely and charming Quinn belonging to Adolly*Gallery series. Click the following link to watch her newest unboxing video.

Know More About Quinn

The color of the whole outfit is mainly pink. Wearing a pink jumpsuit printed with many pink hearts makes Quinn look so nice. The white round button is used as the connection and the cuffs and neckline are edged with light pink. The overall tone is coordinated, comfortable, and beautiful.
The hairband is also pink and very elastic, adopting a unique hollow design and a three-dimensional yarn flower is embedded in the middle, chic and adorable. The hairband is not only can as decoration but also used for bounding hair.

When using a hairband to bound Quinn’s hair that can reveal her nice forehead and cute face. Eyes closed to reveal thick eyelashes. Spreading on red cheeks are blood vessels/capillaries, they are not only distributed on the cheek, but also on the limbs which look very realistic.

Usually make people wonder: Is this a doll and not a baby?

Heart-warming girl

Quinn is a heart-warming girl just as so many pink hearts are printed on her clothes. She is gentle and kind, loving animals, treating people friendly and respectful, she is SHINING. It's worth getting along with this friend around you. Quickly take her home and add to your collection shelf! Make beauty always be by your side.


  • She’s so cute 🥰

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