Meet Landon With Innocence

Meet Landon With Innocence

Meet Landon With Innocence

Every reborn doll is unique and our designers poured infinite love into the process of creation, of course, Landon is no exception. His cute lying silkworm that can't be ignored, big blue eyes, slightly casual but more realistic hand-painted hair, young face full of smile and energy... These are all treasures. He will touch your heart with a sweet smile that purely reflects joy. Take some time to learn more about Landon, you won't regret it!

Know More About Landon

BLUE is the main color and the dressing style is based on youthful vitality. They meet Landon’s lively and cheerful personality well. Wearing a simple and casual white short sleeve with light blue stripes, equipped with dark blue youthful overalls. There is a pocket printed with a cute dinosaur pattern on the chest for not only as a decoration but also placing small toys or other sundries.
Eye-catching and chic with an adjustable white push button as links to the overalls. Landon loves wearing a dark blue bucket hat that matches the whole outfit. The hat is printed with cute big eyes full of curiosity, in addition to red triangles embellishment, which all make people unable to move their eyes.

Keep innocent

Keep innocent all the time no matter age. Even if we are no longer children, our hearts are still pure. Believe the sweet smile on your face will always exist when with Landon. To keep innocent is to maintain the love of life. We hope all guys can own free and happy life. It is really a rare and proud thing to maintain a pure heart. Let’s do it!

Landon Unboxing Time !

"What a face!! Love that smile. He is adorable. A must for my collection!!"

"He looks like a great size! Hello Landon welcome to the Adolly family! "
"Awww he so cute, the smile gets me, very nice adolly thanks for showing new baby. Outfit is adorable as well. "
"Landon is perfect!!!"
"Getting him! This company is by far my favorite for reborn dolls."
"Awww what a cutie pie"

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