Pop Reborn Doll Merla 2021

Pop Reborn Doll Merla 2021

Pop Reborn Doll Merla 2021


As one of the most popular reborn dolls in 2021, Merla has brought doll-lovers lots of laughter and has already harvested much love. Thank you for your all continued support and hope guys can keep liking her in the following days.



Merla in pursuit of fashion is synonymous with fashion. Having a beautiful curly rooted fiber hair tied into two balls, one side is decorated with a white bow which is noble and beautiful. Having big deep eyes and purple pupils, chubby cheeks, all make her charming. Wearing a dark blue sleeveless dress printed cherry pattern, the white lace at the neckline echoes the white bow in hair.
Made a tightened design on the waist and pinned a big red bow which is eye-catching and dazzling. Matching a simple red sweater cardigan and a pair of white leather shoes, lively and shining. We think that's the most reason why Merla gets so much love! She is 20inch and suits 0-3 month baby size clothes, you also can change her clothes depending on your preference. And adopt soft cloth body suiting for hugs, take her home quickly!

Enjoy Yourself

Learning to enjoy yourself is a required course in everyone's life. Don't waste your precious time on useless things. Focus on improving yourself, work hard to make yourself better, and be your best self! Beautiful, confident, and be shining like Merla!

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"Oh wow, she is so cute! Her paint is very realistic! Great job on her!"

"This is one of the best Adolly dolls. They are getting better all the time"
"I have this sweet baby girl, her face is absolutely exquisite!   I have named her Serenity Calm because that is how she makes me feel, I highly recommend her if you want a sweeter than sweet doll for your collection "
"I think she is so very adorable Omg and I just love her hair and she is dressed so very cute and she looks real in a way Congratulations enjoy her and have lots of cuddles Thumbs up love ⭐⭐⭐⭐"
This doll is beautiful, good quality. Adoly Gallery is very recomendable, they answer fast the emails. I'm very happy with this purchase.

                                                                                                 -Nury Sosa


I want her twin bro! She truly puts a smile on my face! She's a delight to hold a walk holding her hand like babies do. She comes with a bottle and pacifier and beautiful clothes!



  • Melts your heart!! ❤️❤️

    Sarah Agamei on

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