Say Hello To Adolly Twins Lucas & Lyon

Say Hello To Adolly Twins Lucas & Lyon

Say Hello To Adolly Twins Lucas & Lyon

For families with more than one kid especially twins, there is a high probability of quarrels for snatching the same toy. We notice this non-negligible phenomenon and design the TWINS reborn dolls, Lucas & Lyon, after many discussions.
Have the same face, the same excellent hand-painted mohair, the same tall nose, the same beautiful eyebrow shape, the same soft body... Kids can choose anyone. This can reduce the frequency of quarrels and get along better with each other. Of course, this can also enrich the type of collection and become an indispensable part of the collection shelf for collectors.

Know More About Lucas & Lyon

Although existing many similarities, there are also many differences between Lucas & Lyon



Wearing a pink jumpsuit printed unicorn pattern, the horns on clothes and hat are three-dimensional which appear more realistic. Add a pair of rainbow-striped trousers when it's cold, warm, and stylish coexist. The character is as sweet as the ice cream printed on the clothes, love dessert. She is a quiet girl. Heal unhappiness with food. Face difficulties with a smile.





Wearing a dark jumpsuit and being embellished with a green frog head, the neckline and thighs are ended with white trims, this prevents clothes from being dull. Also equipped with dark striped trousers.
Compared to Lucas’s sweetness and quietness, Lyon is more lively. Talk like a little frog all day, he is so attractive.




Multiple accompaniments

As well known, the most impressive of reborn dolls are as toys for kids or as collections for collectors, they’re all for companying doll-lovers. But there is another kind of companionship which is the mutual companionship between reborn. We treat reborn dolls as our real siblings, friends, kids, or other roles, they're so vivid. When not playing with them, reborn will feel lonely. Twins reborn can make them get out of this trouble well. Both accompany doll-lovers and don't let themselves be alone.

Let’s watch a more detailed YouTube video together about Lucas & Lyon!!


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