New Year  New Reborn Doll Penny

New Year New Reborn Doll Penny

New Year New Reborn Doll Penny

Say Hi to Penny


The nice 2022 has arrived. Are you ready to welcome it? The new year is the new beginning, all guys need to be prepared to go and set off again. To this end, we bring the first new reborn doll Penny whose smile spreads the new year cheer of 2022, come to know more about him!

Know More About Penny

The fashionable match!
The upper body is gray long-sleeved, wearing a furry vest outside with a white button at the top which is simple and easy to put on; The lower body is a pair of light white striped trousers with a flip design beneath.
The whole outfit tends to be simple and elegant. The comfortable and breathable clothes are also of good quality and the stitching is neat.
 Adopting realistic but not fade easily hand-painted hair doesn’t need to care it much. Who can resist a squeezable chubby babyface? That slightly flushed cheeks and tip of the nose, the black and thick eyelashes, the beautiful eyebrows shape. Everywhere is so adorable! In addition, limbs can be moved properly to get a rather comfortable posture.

Smile to 2022

Bless the first new reborn doll Penny 2022 can bring you hope, companionship and happiness. Bring Penny home! Remember to caress and kiss his cheek more, hug more, give him enough love, he will also give you more love back. When you start the new journey of 2022 with all your strength, Penny will cheer for you. Hope you all can have never be betrayed love and companionship from beginning to end.


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