Unboxing Reborn Doll Noah

Unboxing Reborn Doll Noah

Unboxing Reborn Doll Noah

Unboxing Noah With Relaxed Mood

We’re glad to be a member of the doll community and are trying our best to enrich the community, bring vitality to the community. We’re devoted to leaving more surprises to doll-lovers.

The unboxing video brought today is our good friend Noah, he is a simple and silent boy.Noah having a round face doesn't like to smile and often purses his mouth without talking, but it doesn't prevent him from being cute and lovely. Click it to get more details about Noah, hope you can enjoy this video.


"Oh wow, the painting details in his face is amazing. He is absolutely adorable "

"I’m ordering him in 2 weeks!"

"He is adorable!"

"IM geting him"

Know More About Noah

Noah is a styled person but doesn't like to be too ostentatious, so his outfit focuses on simplicity and is represented by gray and stripes. Stripe is a fashionable element and very versatile. The hat often worn is striped matching gray flip which overall look simple and elegant. In contrast, striped trousers with an elephant embroidered on the upper left look more dynamic. The shirt is printed with various animal patterns such as lion, monkey, and giraffe, which is in line with his preferences of him. 2 push buttons designed on the shoulders are easier to put on and take off.

Get Close To Nature

It can be seen from the animal patterns printed on the clothes that Noah loves animals and nature. He likes to go out for an outing in his spare time. The gray blanket in the video is also included, it’s easy to carry and use whatever in the stroller or outside when out. Go out with Noah and get close to nature on a sunny weekend, breathe fresh air, keep away from electronic equipment, have a picnic with friends, exercise, or join in other activities to get rid of the fatigue and spend a relaxing weekend.

Please enjoy the precious treasures well that nature gives us!!!

Beautiful doll! We have two artist reborns and this one looks just as good if not better. A great value for the money.


Fall in love with these dolls
They are very beautiful and cute. These dolls look so much like children that my son really thought we had children. My kids fell in love with this doll and even named it Arian
Also the best Christmas gift for your children. And also the variety of their dolls is huge, you can easily choose.



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