Meet Reborn Doll Oliver

Meet Reborn Doll Oliver

Meet Reborn Doll Oliver


Wow! The slightly flushed cheeks and puckered mouth will make you fall in love instantly. Oliver is one of the best seller dolls among all Adolly dolls, we hope more and more doll-lovers can know him, feel his charm and then love him.


In this respect, we filmed an unboxing video about Oliver, please click it to watch this video and feel it by yourself.


"I definitely need to put him on my Adolly dolls wish list"

"Definitely recommend i have him very detailed "

"I just ordered him today can't wait to cuddle with him"

"I have him its amazing"

"I have Stella she is so cute and I want him"


More Info About Oliver

Adolly employs many experienced craftsmen whose superb skills greatly exceed the market average level to paint nails/eyebrows/hair by hand.
Adopting a cloth body filled with cotton which is environmental and non-toxic which is soft and warm to hug with, the realistic blood vessel is also all over the body, all of the above conditions make Oliver more precious.
The overall outfit is based on gray, one of the two eye-catching points is the bid with a petal-shaped lion head which is orange-yellow, leaving us a bright feeling. Oliver is optimistic and can bring warmth to people around him just like a little sun.  

Express Love Generously

The other eye-catching point is the words printed on the hat: I Love Papa. Oliver indeed likes his daddy best. He is a person who is good at expressing and he always can express in time. We hope everyone can express love timely like him, especially to family and friends.
Let them feel the love and the beauty of life. It’s so nice to stay in the sun to warm yourself and others.


Shipping took a while but still arrived within estimated date. Doll is beautifully painted & exactly as shown in photos. Very impressed. He's super cute & cuddly. Outfit is cute & of good quality, doesn't feel like cheap doll clothing. Perfect for a child but would be enjoyed by an adult collector as well.

                                                                                                 -Travis Haynes

If you are on the fence about this reborn doll, just order it. The detail is amazing on this Oliver doll. I even managed to fool a few family members into believing this doll was a real baby. Everything is just right, right down to the subtle veining and mottling on the arms and legs. I could not be more pleased! I would definitely order from this company again.



Adolly is awesome I love him to add to my baby collection I look forward to purchasing more baby reborns from Adolly he looks like a real baby I love him.



I am so happy with this purchase!! I am surprised at all the detail put into this doll especially at this price! She is just gorgeous! Very soft to touch. My daughter is in love. Arrived much quicker than expected as well! Thank you!!!


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