How to Make Your Reborn Look Real in Baby Seat?

How to Make Your Reborn Look Real in Baby Seat?

How to Make Your Reborn Look Real in Baby Seat?

To some extent, reborn dolls are the symbols of HEALING. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything, just a simple staring at each other or a simple hug, that’s enough to be comforting.

They can accompany you when you are alone; They can accept all your complaint when you’re in trouble; They also can share your happiness with you; They even can relieve your tiredness during the whole working day.

You can establish a deep connection with a reborn baby in amounts of ways but the fastest way is ROLE PLAY. Put him in the stroller and carry them for a walk in the park, bring them going outings or take them shopping in your spare time for fostering a special bond.

What do PREPARATIONS have to do? How to make a reborn doll look real in the stroller? Read more to learn more DETAILS.


Let’s take Eli as a demonstration:

First, wear a soft diaper and bring one more for backup;
Putting on the white polka dot shirt with rabbit pattern and the light green trousers printed beautiful flowers which are Eli’s most adorable suit;
Put a blanket in the stroller for warming and protecting, put Eli in the blanket slightly. Don’t forget to carry some accessories for Eli, such as bibs with rabbit patterns, lovely flower-shaped headband, especially the NECESSITY: Pacifier and Baby Bottle;
Then cover with a blanket and button-up;
Finally bring his adorable toy, pull up the protective fence, and the sunshade.
After completing these preparations, go out with Eli and for relaxing!

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    If you want to see a more vivid and detailed video,we are happy to share this video with you



    Hope everyone can gain happiness and consolation when getting alone with Eli. Remember to smile to life!!

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